Want your Interior or Architecture pictures to look more interesting? you can do it by adding three little things and it will make a huge difference!

you can add grass, people, and little brush strokes! :D

*NOTE: these examples were done in class as practice to just give a quick understanding of the concept, you can do so much better just by knowing how the following simple rules are used.

*NOTE: The used Photoshop is the FIRST one! I know a bit backward, but that's the only one available in the university computer, but the tools DIDN'T change so u'll still get the idea :)


For this example I am using ready people file, BUT you can easily do a person yourself by just picking a picture of any person you want selecting him/her and erasing the person so you get a blank shape which you could highlight using the magic wand.

1- open the building picture you want to add people too and open the people file

 2- add the people layer into the building one, so both will be together like bellow

 3- highlight the person, and add her to a NEW layer. HIDE the people layer (by pressing the eye picture by the layer and it will be hidden)

 4- You can make the person lighter (to look more professional and to keep the focus on the building) BY changing the opacity of the layer from the right hand side.

5- that's it! you can add more people as well to make the building look more alive. 


luckily Photoshop already have grass, so you don't need to be looking for it.

1- All you have to do is go to BRUSHES through Window:

 2- that's how the template will look like when you click it

but scowl down and you will find grass and leaves, so pick whatever fits with you picture (in this example I picked grass)

 3- now you can use the grass as a normal brush, but before u use it add a NEW layer so you can control the opacity of the grass. Then click away!

 4- and here's the results with people and grass, and as you can see these two simple additions have given the building a more lively outlook


Adding new BRUSH strokes:

ok, say you want a specific effect (like the grass) but with a different element, all you need to do is FIND what you want to add and make it as a brush and use it! :)

 1- go to Edit and click Define Brush Preset (that will allow you to add that element in this case it's the snow flake as a brush)

2- when you click the above, it's going to give you a new window where you can name your brush, so it will be saved for future uses.

 3- to try it out start a new page and just click click click! (that was my favorite part!)

 4- to make it more interesting, you can add a picture or add the brush strokes to a picture to create something new and fun!

Hope you enjoyed this! :D