My Outfits in Iran

What to wear and what not to wear is a concern for so many people who visit Iran. This is just a quick post to show you the outfits I wore there. I repeated some of the outfits because it would have been slightly inconvenient to carry 14 different outfits for everyday I was there. Keep in mind that I wore these things in the most touristy cities of Iran. I would usually wear mostly black or darker colours in the religious cities (Qom & Mashhad) because I really like to blend with the locals and not standout. 

I packed one pair of trainers with me. I got them from Clarks Shoes and they were super comfortable for all the walking we did. I went during September & October. It was still warm and I packed the lightest hijabi outfits. Keep in mind, it's cold in the winter there so pack according to the weather. I didn't even bother with jeans and only packed three pairs of light cotton pants ( black & olive green from New Look and a patterned one from Stradivarius), three jersey head scarves ( black, beige & grey), few tops from H&M and Stradivarius and one maxi cotton dress from Koton.   

Hope you find these outfit ideas useful for your travels! :) 

Believe me I had a WTH moment with those poses above. I need serious training hehe. I did buy a book about steeling the camera's heart. So we'll see how I do next time I do an outfit post.