Happy Tuesday everyone! 

Last week, I went with my friend Joanna Michalska, a textile designer, to the London Print Design Fair. It was a showcase  of patterns, textiles and surface designs from many different companies some were even international from the US and Australia. It was interesting to see the latest trends in the business and the huge selection of options. Going to the fair really showed me how competitive this field was. I saw few buyers negotiating deals, so it was good for some. The fair is held twice a year and their next one is in October.  

The London Print Design Fair

It was located in the Lindley Hall off St. James tube station. It is a really gorgeous building with double hight and ceiling windows that let in lots of light. That added brightness t the space and made it feel even more specious.

Print Design Fair
Lindley Hall London
Trade books

My favourite table was the one with vintage fabric trader books. Some were from 1883 and in a great condition. Loved looking through them. They are a great idea for a fabric/surface design portfolios. Going around the tables and making little small talk all took 40 minutes tops. It is a good way to see the trends and available styles and how designers and agents exhibited them from actual fabric to colourful paper books. 

Vintage Patterns Book
Vintage Patterns Book
Patterns Books